1. Life-Threatening Emergencies in the Caribbean: 1241*
  2. Your cost: $70K-$290K per person.
  3. Get Emergency Medical and Air Transportation starting at just $59/mo.

*Life-Threatening Emergencies in the Caribbean over past 5 years

Are you and your family covered in an Emergency?

There are hundreds of emergency air flights in the Caribbean each year. That is more than 1 emergency each business day. Many people do not realize that most medical plans if covered will provide an ambulance only.

If you have an emergency In the islands, emergency air transportation alone can cost as much as $150K and medical cost alone can be in the hundreds of thousands. Not to mention, the additional expense of aftercare.

Unfortunately, These emergencies leave many people in serious financial situations.

Are you fully covered for an emergency?

Many of our competitor plans just offer coverage for emergency transport when you need more. With EVAC, we cover air transport, emergency medical, and aftercare treatment. Which could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You need more than Emergency Transportation

  • No Coverage Air Transport EVAC
    Air Transport $25K-125K Covered Covered
    Hospital Bill $30K-150K+ $30K-150K+ Covered
    After Care $15K+ $15K+ Covered
    What you owe? $70K-290K+ $45K-165K+ Covered

“I recently suffered a medical emergency that couldn’t be treated locally. Luckily, I had EVAC coverage from Elan Insurance…Once my wife called Elan, they took care of everything. They coordinated my flight to HIMA in Puerto Rico and they coordinated my care once I got there. My wife was even able to accompany me on my flight. The bottom line is that I got the care I needed, all my bills have been paid, and I’m currently on the mend. Without EVAC that wouldn’t have happened. Thank you, Elan Insurance!”

Steven Charles, St. Thomas

Multiple Plans to Choose From

Buy for yourself or cover your entire family, including your children!

With EVAC by Elan Insurance, individuals & families in the USVI, receive:

  • 24/7 Emergency Air Transport
  • $2M USD in insurance coverage for life-threating events
  • 100% In-patient care coverage

*90 day waiting period for No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

… just peace of mind for you and your family

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